Email Marketing Best Practices – In & Out

You have got mail!!  Remember hearing this? The sentence is one of those pretty legendary said words of the web history when the path was still getting paved and we were just beginning our road through the wilderness of this origin of the Internet.

Now that the time has changed and we all are thanking to those who have introduced us to the emails and have made ourselves addicted towards it. These days, the emails and messages have replaced with status updates, tweets, and likes however that do not mean that the importance of the email has grown less. In fact because of the social media, our Inbox has become our social rendezvous.

In the present date, emails are gaining much more prosperity when it comes to boosting your online business. The term that is used these days to generate sales and increase online awareness is called “Email Marketing”.

What Is Email Marketing?

What is Email MarketingEmail marketing is one of those online marketing techniques that is designed to get in touch with the customers via email. The process includes of distributing promotional emails to the targeted audience. When used this practice effectively it promotes your brand, overall enhancing the business and increases your sales.

Email marketing today has become one of the vital tools for the online businesses especially when it comes to commercial sales. Presently all the businesses use this marketing approach for various purposes such as:

  • For acknowledging sales promos
  • For product updates
  • For customer service program
  • To attract new sales and boost the purchasing
  • Last but not the least to maintain and enhance the relationship with past and present customers

Why Email Marketing Important For Your Business? Below mentioned are some reasons:

Success – This is the best perhaps the plus point of the email marketing. Through this marketing you can segment your customer database according to their respective interest and tastes. This way it lets you send email to the targeted audience to boost your sales.

Lowers the Cost – It is a great bargain strategy and the effective and best. If you are looking for an affordable way to market your products and services email marketing is the right way to do so.

Flexibility- This marketing technique gives you the flexibility to analyze how it is working. It provides you with the tracking program about how many consumers and clients are reading your program , how many clicks it has generated apart from this which link was clicked inside your email and which data was read and so on can be known. This gives you an opportunity to know your customer’s preference and modify accordingly.

What’s The Catch?

Of course this sounds great; the real catch is its affordability.  It is much cheaper to send messages to hundreds of email addresses.  Initially you won’t find it simple; the primary thing is designing and delivering it accurately to the right people. Getting your email actually read and respond and after then measuring the results is what it counts.

Types of Email Marketing

There are 3 types of email marketing that are popularly used worldwide in boosting online business and they are:

  • Advertising Through Other People’s Email: This is something different than you usually do it in email marketing. In this you find the newsletters publicized by others and you pay them to put your advertisement in their emails to send to their subscribers. These are purposely created for the same, so to sell their space.
  • Retention Email: Rather than sending promotional mails to your customer such as sign up for something etc. it would be good to send retention email. These emails are majorly known as a newsletter. The newsletter could be anything from informative information to promotional deals. The email should look like it is made to benefit the readers.
  • Direct Emailing: Direct email marketing involves promotional message. It is like you are announcing about your new product or services. You are launching and making aware of the crowd. Moreover, you are announcing some special offer with this to get the brand recognition.

You Don’t Want To Get Listed In Spam

If you are accused of spending spam emails your email id could be blocked and closed down forever. This certainly tatters your reputation and in some countries doing this is against the law. A long-term successful email marketing relationship with your customer and others can only work if it is permission based.

Educate Yourself about Email Marketing

It is very much important to stress that anybody while considering email marketing must know the basics of it thoroughly. If you are hiring a professional help than too it makes sense to know how your hired help is going to do the marketing. There is nothing panicking about it, it is relatively easy to assure that the email addresses database you are building is permission based and not spam.

Email Marketing Roadmap(aff link) is a one of my favorite Website to learn the complete A to Z email marketing with video tutorials. I recommend that for newcomers who want to learn the technique to use email marketing to leverage business.

Email Marketing Service

Thanks to all the developer who made email marketing easy and effective by developing Email Marketing Service. Today there are over 100′s of email marketing service allows us to build email list and send newsletter to our audience. Getresponse and Aweber is the most popular and best Email Marketing service, which offers a lot of features and benefits to build an email list quickly. But when you are completely newbie and don’t want to spend too much then why don’t you take a look at Fluttermail. Fluttermail is the latest email marketing service which offers high quality email marketing service with cheap cost.

You can get an Account to Fluttermail(aff link) for only $1 and then you can choose the preferred package that is best suited to your budget. It also provide all the features and benefits that market-leaders provide.

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