Fails Behind My Today’s Success In Blogging

Fails is a vital thing that most of successful bloggers have experienced like me. You may have heard the following quote before:

I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong. (Click To Tweet)
Benjamin Franklin (BrainyQuote)

Yeah! As like above the quote, I found many ways of blogging that wrong and not work. Now I think it was good (Fail) for me to learn the right way of blogging. Without these fail, my today’s success in blogging has been just a dream. Now My this blog gets over thousands of unique visitors from search engines.

I have learned many things from my fails and I already wrote lots about these in my earlier blog posts. Here are some of the most popular ones, you might love to read:

Enough said Now let me share my fails story of blogging that teaches me how to achieve success in blogging.

Fails Behind My Success

Failed Behind My Blogging Success

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You all know that, It’s been a long time of my blogging journey. But everything was fine when I start. But after 2 months later of my start I was experiencing the fail that was completely brook my mind and as well as hope. And every two or three months I have experienced one or more fail till august 2013. But now I am a successful blogger and I achieved my success (I mean my Target has fulfilled). Below I have shared the major fail at blogging from the start (March 2011).

1st Fail: Web Hosting Account Suspended (May 27, 2011)

It was after 2 months of my start of blogging. It was really so much painful for me because I just started my first blog. On May 27, 2011 I got a mail from my hosting company. The mail covered with the following text: Your web hosting account for (My First Blog) has been deactivated (reason: Excedding the CPU Resource).

My web hosting account suspended

For their (Web Hosting Company) Privacy I have not published the Hosting Company name.

It was quite surprised, because My site was run by self hosted WordPress without an extra plugins or themes. Then how my blog exceeded the CPU limit. They also wrote on the same mail that, My blog data still available to download and migrate for next 10 days then all the data will be deleted.

I was completely new, I had no knowledge about the migration process. Anyway, Finally, I migrated the data to the Hostgator and changed the domain nameserver to my hostgator account.

Lesson I Learned From This Fail: This fails teaches me that, cheap always not better and when it comes to the hosting or another major part of blog then we should always choose the best without looking for the budget. Because in the near future, all the investments will return to me with a profit.

2nd Fail: Google Panda Affect (July 23, 2011)

On July 23, 2011, I experienced a huge traffic drop. That time (Before July 23) my blog was getting average 200 visitor from search engines. But on July 23 the traffic drop to 30 only and this situation stay for 3 days. It was another big pain that had completely broke my dream. Because earning just started.

8 days later I found the reason of my blog traffic drop, It was Panda Affect. I quickly searched for the solution to get removed from panda. And finally I got someone to review my blog and how can I recover. The guy who reviewed my blog said My blog has too many broken links which was made while migrating to hostgator. The guy also suggested me to find and remove all the broken links from my blog.

Finally, I became able to remove all the broken links from my blog and panda affect by getting help from a freelancer.

3rd Fail: Blog Got Hacked (February 7,2012)

It’s almost 7 months. Everything was going well. But On February 7,2012 My blog got hacked, What the hell was happening with me?

Fortunately, I had the backup copy of my website which was created on the previous day of hack. It wasn’t so painful because of Backup copy. My blog was offline for only 3 hours. After 3 hours my blog was live.

A lesson I learned: Hackers teach me how to protect blog from them by hacking my blog.

4th Fail: Google Penguin (April 24, 2012)

To gain instant first page rank, I hired a guy from fiverr for social bookmarking. Actually, I had no idea about Google Penguin and Black Hat SEO. That’s why I Hired the guy and in the borderline my blog got affected by Google penguin. Luckily The guy included the username and password of the social bookmarking sites in the report file.

I hire other freelancers to remove these social bookmarking manually. And finally I got recovered from the Google penguin penalty on May 25, 2012.

A lesson I learned from this fail: before hiring anyone to do any task we should research about the dark side.

5th Fail: Another Google Panda (July 18, 2013)

On January 18, 2013 My blog again affected by the Google Panda update. For more details about this fail of mine, I suggest you to read: How To Recover From Google Panda, Where I have shared the details.

Conclusion: It is the list of major fails of my blogging journey. I haven’t mentioned lots of others that took me backward from the blogging success. However, I also thanks to all of my failures. Because these help me to taste today’s success. Now I understand the importance of having fails in success. Here is an Inspiration Famous Failures, You might Like:

My Failure Behind My Today's Success in blogging

Over To You…

Did you ever experience any failure in your blogging life? Please share your failure story with us and others via below the discussion box. We would love to read and respond to your story. Also, let me know your opinion about this article and don’t forget to share this with your friend on social network.

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