I Hate Google Adsense, But WHY? Explained The Reasons

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is a one of the best and effective ways to make money online through your blog. I also use Google Adsense to make some extra cash per month. Actually I can’t think a blog without Google Adsense, But I also hate Google Adsense as well too. Here I have shared some disadvantages of Google Adsense. Let’s check these reason:

Why I Hate Google Adsense?

There are many reason I hate Google Adsense. The reasons Below:

  • Very Hard To Get Approved
  • Lots of Rules and Terms
  • Open in Same window
  • Bad For Google Ranking
  • Less Customization
  • Support sucks

Lets discuss more about these reasons…..

Getting Approved Not So Easy

In general Getting approved by Google Adsense is really so hard for newbies. Google required lots of terms and conditions and factors even if your blog is 6 months old or a year.

There are many bloggers I have met who applied for Google Adsense for their 1+ years old blog but Google denied (not Approve) their application. Day by day Google is getting strict.

A Big List of Terms & Conditions

If you are interested to earn revenue from Google then you have to follow too many rules otherwise you will get banned by Google Adsense. And once you get banned by Google Adsense there is a very small chances to get back again.

Read their Terms And Conditions to learn the rules you have to follow.

Open In Same Window

One of the biggest disadvantages of Google Adsens is, There is no such option to make advertisements open in new window. So you will loss traffic to your site or blog. Because when your blog visitor click on Google Ads they leave your blog (Ads Open In Same Window).

You know that the longer a visitor stay on your site the more sales you will gain, It’s a rule. So you will lose sales and as well as your blog readers.

So, Would you like to lose your blog readers (Your Potentially customer) for a few cents?

Bad For Google Rankings

Everyone over there want to get top ranking on search engines but Google Adsense is really bad for these guys. Moz Recently Published a survey report about Search engine ranking Factors where it showed that Google Adsense has a negative affect on Search engine ranking. Let’s check below the screenshot:

Google Adsense has negative affect on Search Engine rankings

Support Sucks

One of the biggest disadvantages of Google Adsense is, They only have an Email Support system. You have to wait a long for reply from them. When you are using Google Adsense as your blog’s or website primary income method then you might need a quick support system.


Again!! Google Adsense is the best and most effective ways to make money online. Here I have shared my personal opinion and some disadvantages of Google Adsense that I hate, that’s not meant Google Adsense Doesn’t pay or not worth. GA pay well and 100% worth.

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