Create Your Very First Blog Within 5 Minutes

Nowadays Blog ruled Internet marketing, so it’s really good to having a blog. In my earlier article I have explained the most powerful benefits of blogging and here I am going to show you how to create your very first blog within 5 minutes even not within 3 minutes. Lets Start:

How To Create A Blog Within 5 Minutes

You may thinking of start a blog with free service such as or, Please take 2 minute to read my article “Why I recommend Self-hosted WordPress to everyone” before joining any free blogging service.

So you have decided to start your blog with self-hosted WordPress blogging platform. The first things you need is a quality web hosting service to host your blog (Estimated Cost: $50 for a year)  and a perfect domain name (Estimated Cost:$10 for a year) . I recommend you Bluehost(aff), Because WordPress officially recommend Bluehost.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Bluehost and this tutorial based on Bluehost as well. I do earn commission from bluehost if you choose to go through my affiliate link. You can choose any other web hosting service. There are other web hosting companies available. If you do purchase through my affiliate links, It will be a support for us from your side. Thanks for your support!

Once you get the web hosting service, now its time to install WordPress to your domain. There 2 different ways you can install WordPress to your domain; one is using FTP while another is Using auto installer. I suggest you to use auto installer if you are not familiar with FTP software. Lets check below the screenshot where I have shown the installation process through Bluehost Auto Installer:

Install WordPress using bluehost auto installer - Start Your First blog

Step 1: Login your Bluehost Control panel and click on Install scripts.

Start Your Very First Blog within 5 minutes

Step 2: Now you will redirected to the mojo marketplace one click installer and Here click WordPress as shown above the screenshot.

Start your first blog within 5 minutes

Step 3: In next screen click on Start Button

Start A WordPress blog within 5 minutes

Step 4: Now choose the domain name from the drop down menu and if you want to install WordPress on a sub-directory ( specify that at the right side box. Now click check domain button.

Start your first blog within 5 minutes

Final Step: In this page insert your blog details such as Blog Name, Admin Username, Admin Password and Admin Email etc. And click on the install now button. Your WordPress installation complete.

Once you have completed the installation now, its time to write your first post. Login your blog’s admin panel by visiting

The whole process will take around 2 to 3 minutes. Now install the plugins and themes to your blog to customize it as you want. Hope you have found this tutorial useful. If you liked this then others will too, So please share it via social network to let your friends and family know about ” How To Start A Blog Within 5 Minutes”.

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