Case Study: How Page Speed Impact With Search Rankings

You may already aware that Page Speed is a one of the Factor of Google’s 200 Ranking factors. Not just Google, Bing is also using page speed as a ranking factor. Google officially made this at Google Webmaster Central. Google said,

You may have heard that here at Google we’re obsessed with speed, in our products and on the web. As part of that effort, today we’re including a new signal in our search ranking algorithms: site speed. Site speed reflects how quickly a website responds to web requests.

So speeding up a website is mandatory in SEO. Today I am going to share a case study of How Page Speed Impact With Search Rankings.

How Page Speed Impact With Search Rankings

In general page loading time affects very few queries as low as 1% of searches, However, you know that 1% is how big for us and we don’t want to be one of the 1%. Check the following video by Matt Cutts:

My every blog built with WordPress and maybe yours too. Some day ago I noticed that my blog page loading speed is slow based on the results of the Pingdom Page Speed tool, Yahoo YSlow and Google page speed analyzer tool. I was getting daily 200 to 300 visits from search results. That time my blog page loading time was 6.45 seconds and page size was 1.4 MB. After knowing about that Google take page speed as a ranking factor, I thought how can I improve my blog page speed. After a long research I found that My blog page loading speed is too slow because of Low Quality web hosting and bad Theme (Framework).

Web Hosting taking too long to respond and a bundle of Javascript and other external code of my blog theme taking too long time to load my page. I also noticed one thing while I was browsing my own blog Most of pages on my blog not loading fully and browser becoming timed out.

Immediately I hire a an SEO consultant guy to find the solution and the guy tell me to change the framework and hosting. I immediately migrate all of my blogs from old hosting account to Bluehost VPS (aff) and decided to develop an own framework for my blog’s which will be optimized for speed.

After migrating to Bluehost VPS I noticed that my blogs performance increase dramatically but I wanted more….

Last week finally I able to develop my first WordPress theme for my blog, It was a great experience for me because It is the first thing I developed using my coding knowledge. Thanks To W3Schools and WordPress Codex.

I installed the theme to one of my blog and really I could not believe my own eyes, because it’s looking great and page loaded in 1.28 seconds which is faster than 84% of all websites.

The page speed before and after

Here’s the screenshot of Pingdom Speed test results after migrating to Bluehost VPS and after installing my own developed Theme.

Not just all, Check below the screenshot where I have shown my blog visitor report:

Page speed impact with search rankings

Can you see that how my blog visitors increase after improving my blog loading time. It’s really amazing, Huh!! I noticed that most of my blog page now in the first page of Google search results which was 2nd or 3rd page. Nowadays I am getting over 600 unique visitors from search engines to my blog per day.

I suggest you to check neil patel’s Infographic How Load Time Affects Google Rankings.

Above all, It’s clear that, Page Speed plays an important role in Search engine rankings.

This was a try, Very soon I am going to install the framework to this blog and others controlled by me as well. Hope you will enjoy the new layout of this blog.

Anyway, What about your blog speed? Are you trying to improve your blog performance, but no results? Feel free to share your opinion or question via the discussion below. I will try to do my best to reply.

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