7 Blogging Tools To Increase Blog Productivity

There are a wide range of blogging tools available that makes blogging easy, effective and as well as improve blog productivity. We have got to keep up with social media update, organize content, Content writing, reply comments etc.

It’s really lots of work. But we can make all these task easy by using some simple but effective blogging tools. Here I am going to share 7 Most popular and best Blogging tools that will skyrocket your blog productivity and of-course I have been using these blogging tools over the years. Lets take a look to these tools:

7 Blogging Tools To Increase Blog Productivity

Tools to Improve Blog Productivity

Here’s the tools that will change your blogging life forever….

  • Evernote
  • Zen Writer
  • Last Pass
  • DropBox/Google Drive
  • Pic Resize
  • Buffer App
  • Strip The Blog

Lets discuss more about these blogging tools….


Evernote is a one of the must have tools for blogger who want to store their idea and use that later. It’s a one of the essential things to keep your idea stored. I have been using Evernote since last 6 months and now I can’t blog without evernote because I have stored all the ideas of blogging that i thought to publish later on Evernote. Whenever I thought to write blog post on my blog then first I check my Evernote and 90% of time I find great topic and title that I stored before.

One of the best things of Evernote is you can store any article or blog post to your evernote using its web clipper option to read these article or blog post later. I use this features to store all the interesting articles and blog post to read later.

Zen Writer

One of my favorite tools is Zen writer that help me to write better content for my blogs. As it name, Zen writer specially built for writing. I have been using Zen Writer for last 4 months and I realized that; my life is better than before. Actually I feel great while writing with Zen Writer. Now I don’t have to go any other tools or website to check my content length. Because Zen Writer show me Word count in real-time. There are a Couple of Writing tools available for Mac or Windows and I found Zen Writer is best suited for me.

Last Pass

It’s not a new things that we are (Blogger) create lots of account on multiple website and most of the cases we forget the username and password after couple of days. I was too but not now, Because I have Last Pass Software that remember all my passwords and username on their Cloud Server. Now whenever I need to create any web account or login to any web account (That I created Before) I use last pass. It’s really Make My life easier.

Dropbox/Google Drive

Dropbox or Google drive both is an online cloud storage. I use DroBox but most of the people recommend Google Drive.

I stored my secured and most important files to dropbox to access these from anywhere in the world. It’s essential to secure your most important files and web application.

Pic Resize

Pic Resize is a web-based tools which let me resize and compress all the pictures of my blog. I used it whenever I upload any photo on my blog. There are every blog use pictures on blog post. And it’s essential to keep the size of pictures minimum because it’s directly effect on your blog loading time. Pic Resize not just enable you to resize your picture it also enables you to reduce file size without lowing down your picture quality.

Buffer App

Which social media publishing tool you are using? I know most of people’s answers is Buffer App. Buffer App is the best social media publishing tool I have ever used. You can set the publishing time and it will automate your social profile update. My Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profile updated by Buffer App Automatically. Not just all It also share my latest blog update on my social profile automatically using RSS feed.

Strip The Blog

Strip The blog is a latest web-based tools that research on your competitors blog automatically. You just have to input the blog url and set the time frame, It will automatically find out and show you most popular blog post on your selected time frame based on social share and engagements. I often use this tool to research my blog’s competitors.

Over To You

Which Blogging Tools you use to improve your blog productivity? Do you have any to share with this community? Feel free to share your opinion and list of your favorite Blogging tools via below comments section.

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